For the convenience of our clients, our services are available in two separate formats.
Each service aims to ensure that a client’s technical needs and aesthetic vision are creatively met.

Once-off & Ad hoc

Whether it’s a once-off technical drawing you require for a project or a single room that needs a makeover, our once-off and ad hoc service offers a broad range of professional design solutions.

Design Process Package

For larger, more complex and dynamic projects we offer a comprehensive package of services that comprises five distinct stages, based on the traditional architectural design process as illustrated below.

1. Design Appraisal

All work starts with an appraisal of the project scope, requirements and desired outcomes. As such, we draw on our extensive experience, expertise and industry insights when appraising a project. This process involves engagement with the client around their vision, research, and an analysis of the scope of work. Based on the appraisal findings, we present an action plan with our ideas and recommendations, in conjunction with our proposed range of services.

2. Conceptualisation & Design Development

In the conceptualisation and design development phase (essentially stages 2 and 3 respectively) we focus on interpreting the nuances of the client’s vision for the project. This is a crucial part of the overall design process that is best understood as a single service. The point at which conceptualisation and design development amalgamates is where the true creativity and the fit-to-purpose design solutions manifest.

Creativity and collaboration are the watchwords in the conceptualisation phase, where we take the necessary time to play around with ideas and concepts best suited to the brief. The conceptualisation informs much of the design process, and thus one we take very seriously.

In the Design Development phase the concept starts to become a reality. Armed with a clear aesthetic objective, the picture gradually starts coming together. 3D Modeling is a key aspect of this part of the project. Our skills in this regards adds tremendous value in refining design details and helping our client visualise the final product.

This process culminates in the creation of the Design Guide, a document which serves as a visual reference for the space, with specifications around furniture, fixtures, materials, finishes and more.

3. Design Guide

The Design Guide is the foundation of the technical documentation needed for any interior design project. It includes comprehensive drawings and specifications that can effectively be interpreted by any specialist consultant in the construction or manufacturing industry.

Rather than producing technical drawings we furnish our collaborators with the Design Guide to ensure that design intent and aesthetic vision is met. The specification sheet issued with the Design Guides can easily be translated into a costing sheet to accurately determine the overall project cost.

We pride ourselves on regular collaborations with various authorities to ensure their technical building specifications are in order, including city councils, liquor licensing, fire, health and safety, as well as signage and heritage authorities.

4. Site Inspection & Project Development

In the interest of improving internal efficiencies, we outsource all project management requirements. However, our clients are guaranteed a hands-on approach when it comes to onsite troubleshooting throughout the construction and installation process as we prefer to make quick aesthetic decisions when complexities arise in the manufacturing and construction process.

Our specialised styling services work to add the final touches to any project, as it strategically considers the look and feel of the space.

5. Project Fees

As a business in the service industry we charge a standard hourly rate for both once-off and ad hoc projects.

For full service packages we prefer to negotiate a fixed fee, based on the scope and complexity of the project. A fixed fee that accounts for both our time and expertise is calculated and can be customised to match a client’s budget and/or timelines.


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