About CODE – Company Profile

CODE – Collaborative Design is a Cape Town-based interior design firm and consultancy. At the centre of our approach to design is an unwavering commitment to the creative power of collaboration. Our customised services include all aspects of interior design, interior decorating, styling and roomscaping, as well as the design of custom furniture pieces for select projects.

Inspired and driven to realise the vision of our clients, effective interpretation of an idea is a key focus for CODE which is why we encourage close working relationships with our clients and collaborators. Taking a vision, interpreting that vision, infusing it with our professional design flair and ensuring both its functionality and longevity, is a means of working that has earned us a very favourable reputation in the industry.

As such, CODE’s design process is strongly rooted in functionality. Practicality is an important consideration that runs like a golden thread through all our creative solutions. Similarly, environment is a key element in any project we undertake, and we work to ensure our designs exist harmoniously in a given environment.

With interior spaces we aim to have the design speak to match the needs and aesthetic understanding of the demographic that utilises the space and/or building. Everything has an aesthetic pull, and thus needs to be visually and practically considered. What is seen through a window, for example, adds to the look and feel of a space, as it adds light, colour and energy that impacts on the experience of the space. It’s another form of collaboration… working with the factors that cannot be manipulated.

Why collaborative? Our design philosophy

Collaboration is both the driving force and the guiding principle of all CODE’s work. So strong is our belief in the power of collaboration to improve efficiency and enhance creativity that the brand is named for it. We realise the power of collaboration by partnering with various suppliers, manufacturers, businesses and the like to create a productive, collaborative working environment.

Founder – Designer profile

Founded in January 2015, CODE is run by Nicholas Blatch. After formalising his interest in design with a qualification from the Design Time School of Interior Design, he enrolled in a commerce degree at the University of Cape Town but soon realised his unwavering passion for design had to be lived! Needless to say, the business qualification does come in handy these days. Nicholas has always been excited by the design and the endless ways in which its strategic application can help to solve many of the modern challenges we face in the world today.



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